Our Products

We strive to offer you an unforgettable experience filled with a wide range of products and services.

Beachwear &Accessories:

Get ready to hit the waves in style with our trendy beachwear collection. We offer a variety of swimsuits, boardshorts, rash guards, and beach towels to keep you comfortable and fashionable. Don’t forget to check out our selection of sunglasses, hats, and flip-flops to complete your beach look.

Handmade Items:

Step into a world of skilled hands and boundless creativity. Our Handmade Items collection is a testament to the age-old traditions that have shaped Sri Lanka’s artistic landscape. From delicate lacework that whispers of ancestral crafts to exquisitely carved wooden sculptures that breathe life into ancient stories, each piece carries the indomitable spirit of its maker. Feel the warmth of human touch and embrace the artistry that flows through their fingertips.



Our Souvenirs collection invites you to take a piece of Sri Lanka home with you. These treasures encapsulate the vibrancy and cultural diversity of our island nation. From intricately designed tea sets and hand-painted ceramics to artisanal keychains and magnets, these mementos will forever hold a piece of your Sri Lankan adventure, reminding you of the moments and memories you cherished.


Be mesmerized by the delicate artistry and ethereal beauty of our Glassware collection. Crafted by master glassblowers, each piece is a symphony of form and color. From intricately patterned vases that shimmer with iridescent hues to elegant glassware sets that elevate your dining experience, these creations are a testament to the seamless fusion of art and functionality.



Experience the allure of Sri Lankan fashion with our Clothing collection. Discover the elegance and grace of traditional garments like saris and sarongs, woven with intricate patterns that reflect the tapestry of our diverse heritage. Indulge in contemporary apparel inspired by the rich textures and vibrant hues of our island, blending tradition with modern flair. Embrace the spirit of Sri Lankan style and let your clothing tell a story of cultural appreciation.


Unmask the mystique of Sri Lankan traditions with our Masks collection. These artful creations have been an integral part of our rituals and performances for centuries. From awe-inspiring demon masks that symbolize the eternal dance between good and evil to whimsical animal masks that evoke laughter and joy, each piece carries the legacy of ancient craftsmanship. Let these masks transport you to a realm where myth and reality intertwine.

Traditional Items:

Journey through time with our Traditional Items collection, a treasure trove of cultural artifacts that honor the heritage of Sri Lanka. Adorn yourself with intricately designed jewelry that whispers tales of royalty and romance. Marvel at the craftsmanship of handwoven baskets that reflect the ingenuity of our rural communities. Lose yourself in the rhythm of our traditional musical instruments and immerse yourself in the sacred symbolism of ceremonial objects. These treasures embody the very soul of Sri Lanka, connecting you to our rich tapestry of history and customs.